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"Jump into Alecjerome's World and Experience Music Like Never Before!"
- A.I.


about me

I'm Alec Jerome, a multimedia artist with a passion for combining technology and nostalgia in my work. I have a diverse background in music, audio design, animation, videography, comedic satire, and post-production effects, and I've been fortunate enough to use these skills in a variety of projects. From composing music for films to directing music videos and comedy sketches, I've always tried to push the boundaries and create something unique.

I hold a degree in Art & Technology from the New World School of the Arts, and my expertise in 3D animation and augmented reality has allowed me to create mixed reality performances that are both innovative and captivating. I'm currently involved in Augmented Reality theatre productions in Little Haiti and always open to new commission opportunities.

I believe that art has the power to innovate and inspire, and I strive to bring that to life in my work. With a focus on combining technology and nostalgia, I aim to bridge the gap between dreams and reality and create experiences that are both memorable and meaningful. I hope that my art will connect with people and help bring their dreams a little bit closer to reality.



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